I pirated all these ideas off the internet. I don’t even have sources for them. Suck it.

stealing present participle of steal (Verb)
Take (another person’s property) without permission or legal right and without intending to return it: “thieves stole her bicycle”.
Dishonestly pass off (another person’s ideas) as one’s own: “accusations that one group had stolen ideas from the other were soon flying”.



Imagine one day that you wake up in the morning, you check outside and your car is gone. I’ve stolen your car. For the rest of the day, you are pissed off and worrying. More importantly, you’re stranded at home. I’ve deprived you of your use of a car. You can’t get into your car. You can’t see your car. I’ve taken away a finite resource. You may have had two cars before, but now you only have one.

I’ve stolen your car.

Imagine that same day again, but this time, I’ve copied your car instead. It took me all night, but by 4 am in the morning I was able to get into this car and drive away. You wake up, and your car is in the driveway. Everything is normal. You’re able to hop into your car, use your resource and do whatever the hell you want with it.

I’ve pirated your car.

I’m not saying piracy is OK. Just like Jay-walking is not OK. Nor is making Mix-tapes. Nor is recording a boxing match. nor is making youtube videos with different clips. Or doing mash-ups like many of these DJs. All of these are technically “Illegal”. Everyone has a different level of wrong. Everyone has transgressed these laws.

Doing all these things are not “ok.”

The word “Theft” was invented way way way back in the day when every commerciable good was finite. Removing it from your possession and placing it my posession does one thing. It takes away your resources and adds to mine.

But now in the digital age, I believe the word “theft” is slowly becoming irrelevant. Piracy is not a crime of theft. It is a crime of circumvention.

I circumvented the normal, proper way in obtaning a resource. That is the crime I’ve committed.

When I copied your car, I broke the rules by obtaining your car for free while you had to pay for it.
The discrepancy between your method and my method is the crime.

And the act is a crime because the law that criminalizes it is BASED on a system where resources have finite values.

The digital age removes the finite value. Supply for a product is infinite. It is human nature to seek a product till exhaustion. That is what drives Demand in the balance between Supply and Demand. This ultimately gives the intrinsic value of the product.

The problem here is, if supply is infinite, the instrinsic real world price of an inifintely available product becomes ZERO.
How do people still make money in the digital age?

This is where Intelectual property comes in. What Intelectual property creates is “Artificial Scarcity”. Artificial scarcity puts an artificial price on a product. This way, people can artifcially make profit.

The market for these digital goods can be circumvented. The people who supply the goods can criminalize circumvention. In fact, they can lobby goverments and institutions to help them criminalize it.

But it can not prevent circumvention. “File-sharing is a bell that can not be un-ringed”. So the solution here is to adapt by finding a way to sell a virtually infinite resource by tying it a finite resource. No, we don’t have to wait for this buisiness model to arrive to save the face of the market as we know it. It’s already here.

Movies are the infinite resource
Convenience and time are the finite resource.
Worth 8 bucks a month?

iTunes (or any music site)
Music is the infinite resource
Convenience and features
worth the .99 cents?

Android App Market
Programs/entertainment is the ifinite resource
Convenience and Ad Advertisement is the finite resource.
Worth the ads or the few bucks for the features?

Escapism is the infinite resource
Having servers to host it on is the finite resource
Apparently, it’s worth it to 15 million people to pay 15 bucks for it a month.

Creative programs, like the adobe suite?
The program is the infinite resource
Making money of it turns it into a tool. Thus turning it a finite resource.
Worth the few hundred bucks when you’re making your years living off of it.

and so on and so forth.

The metaphor of theft in lieu of piracy is just that. A metaphor.

It’s suggested by the people who don’t get the economic nature of virtual space. In the future, this is the only way to make money. And eventually, the people who don’t get it will die off. The people who do, will prosper.


Disparity and Despair.


This Money Chart got me thinking about disparity.


noun: A great difference.

Especially sensitive to me is the US household income.

According to the chart, the combined wealth of everyone in the United States is 10,520,910,000,000 Dollars according to 2007 figures.

If everyone in the United States made 250,000 dollars a year we would only amount to 8,000,000,000 dollars. There is still another 2.5 trillion dollars that would not need to be made.

It hits close to home for me.

My biological father, (biodad, for short), makes close to a million dollars a year. Of course, I can’t find him because I’m respecting my mother’s wishes. She wants me to trump him, without his help.

I want to be more than him, without his help. But It’s tempting to take his money. My situation would be financially improved, with great disparity. I would instantly jump from the bottom 50% of that chart to the top 1% of that chart from the 2 decades of Child Support he owes my mother and I.

However, my mother’s will and pride is so strong because she feels that the wrong done to her is worth more than that.

Her fantasy was for me to become an MD. And from an early age, she sparked that interest in me. Is it in my genetic code? That thirst for logic and knowledge? Early on, I wanted to be a Astronomer. A Scientist. Maybe even the first Filipino Astronaut ( I read many books on space by the age of 7, and didn’t know of any)

Then, Video games happened. Anime happened. I like how it made me feel. It told a story. Stories that I saw that interlinked ideas into a main body of work. That work? The human race. Video games and Anime just happened to be a medium I particularly enjoyed. I was about 14 when I realized this. Years later, I would take a class that analyzed story telling and it’s been studied in depth by a man who’s life’s work was comparative mythology:
Joseph Campbell’s  The Hero with a Thousand Faces

I reasoned, why should I be JUST be an astronaut? Why should I be JUST a doctor? Why should I JUST be a police officer? A Pilot? A Spy?…ad infinitum. I noticed the best stories ever told were those that the writer/animator/creator had to interview and know them. The actors in the movies…had to become them. What then, I thought, was the most versatile kind of work?

I wanted to make people feel the way I felt.
Early on, my ability and love to share facts about everything and anything became so pronounced that I easily became obnoxious.
I paid no mind. I wondered why people did not wonder as much as I did about the world.

So surely, in my naive and ideological manner, I figured becoming a video game designer was the best way to distill my metaphysical opus into reality. I said, Science…is easy to me. I understand. I can see it work in my head.

Art…was a challenge. Expression…was a challenge. And I took it.

4 years later, I’m here with a Bachelor in Arts in Arts and Technology. Concentration: Video Game design.

However, I have no personal portfolio. Only things I did in school. And in the end, I’m a loser with no sense of accomplishment to call my own.


Later on, I would get a better opportunity at a day job. I still have this job. Though I spent a majority of my time after graduation trying to get away from the medical industry, I ended up in it…somewhat. I provide support for a medical association with computers. Easy enough. I took it. It was definitely better than a pharmacy technician.

About a year later. I’m thinking about the next best opportunity.

Today, I looked at the Bureau of Labor Statistics on average/median incomes of different professions. I looked at what I originally wanted to be. A research Scientist would typically be in the top 20% to 10%. I won’t say that I wouldn’t have difficulty in obtaining such a degree, but I definitely feel that I could have that job and degree. I’ve had the passion for science, and it’s understanding at a very early age.
I can even say that, given my life was an RPG video game, I’d have a higher chance of success as a Scientist than a Video Game Designer.

To add insult to injury, I attended a Video Game Designer conference awhile back. Truth is, you can get into the Video Game Industry WITHOUT a degree. They’re more concerned about your involvement in different projects that you did essentially for fun.

The industry guy told me, “Yeh, Our best programmer dropped out of highschool, but is pretty much a genius at what he does”

And I know how he did it. He worked on it, every single day. Every day, for hours and hours. I know, because I study Japanese. And like everything you want to master, it has to be done…EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

That, I did not do. Foolishly, I thought school was enough for video game design.
So, I started to read around. I came upon

and his book
Ignore Everybody, and 39 another keys to creativity.

Essentially, he had a day job for a long long time. That was his cash. It gave him food on the table. Then he drew comics on the back of business cards because that’s what fed his soul. That was his sex.

So instead jumping knee first into something creative, he had a boring job that paid  enough to keep him until he was discovered. Simple enough.

My current boss, a very insightful person, called this the “Deferred Life” plan. Venture capitalists often say just go with art.
For me and in my observation and current situation, I need cash.
I need cash, not just because I have material wants.

I need it, to have more time to tell stories. That’s my sex.
At this current point in time, I’m involved in start up projects in video game design. Money…would be great to throw at it. Money really is very very good at adding fuel to a very small fire.

And how can I get money at a quicker rate, without having to tap into my biological father (Barring that I find him first)? Without having to rob a bank?

One thing I noticed about money, and disparity, is that the more you have, the faster you get it. The more you lose, the more you’ll keep losing.

It’s a strange snowball effect. However, the slope where money plays is a strange one. If you start off with a tiny snowball it will hardly ever gain traction to ever become anything. You might be dead before you come up with a sizeable snowball of wealth.

Start off with a bigger snowball…and you get the point.

Hence. My decision. I want to go back to school.

(Despite the fact that I ALSO feel left behind my siblings in terms of their professional career…I want to do this for myself.)

I want to make enough money to fuel my passions. I have many. And I’m thankful that even at my meager sum I take home everyday, I have…a lot.

But my dream is to affect a lot of people. And that, I’m not doing.

And, really according to this book, the Millionaire Messenger, Money is a great amplifier for your message. Though the book is a reference on how to break into the experts industry, I’m literally taking a page from it.

This blog…is part of the plan. I have a lot to say. A lot of things to do.

I relate with Faust very much, in terms of the ambitions and height of affectations that he sought. But of course, I’m not gonna make a “deal with the devil”.

I’m sleepy. Back to packing.
I’m not completely unhappy about the disparity and how it affects me.
I have a renewed vigor in doing something about it
Irony, would have it, that this blog be written during packing.
Only when you’re moving packing you realize how much shit you have.
Happy Travels.

Bullets for Education

In my great state of Texas, Rick Perry apparently cut more funds for education.

“There is never enough money for education, but there are always money for bombs”. I saw this on a bumper sticker today.

I think there should be a program where we can donate a single bullet in every box to education.

I was recently at Cabela’s the other day. A box of 50 rounds of .50cal BMG = 178 dollars. Each bullet is 3.56$. When you compare 9mm to be .20 cents a round, it a very expensive round.

And unless you’re a marine sniper, your life doesn’t really depend on a .50 caliber round.

This compromise would make everybody happy.


CZ-75B: Displayed and Field Stripped

Today I went out and purchased my first firearm. After months of searching, researching, I went ahead with the CZ-75B firearm. After being suggested to me for a long time, I went ahead and pulled the trigger.

I originally wanted the Polished Steel with Cocobolo grips for the gun, but at the last second, I opted to save a 100 dollars, so i could instead spend it on some ammunition for practice.

I also got called out for the simple fact that I wanted the stainless steel for the “Bling Bling” factor. And indeed, it was blingy. I’ll save it for the m1911.
I do indeed still want wood grips. After firing a hundred rounds through the gun I’ll be more confident in my choices then.

I was almost swayed to get a Beretta M92 simply for the fact that Akemi Homura has one. But then again, This is Vincent Rally’s gun from Gunsmith Cats. I’m ok with that too.




railgun is an entirely electrical gun that accelerates a conductive projectile along a pair of metal rails using the same principles as the homopolar motor.

grimoire (/ɡrɪmˈwɑr/) is a textbook of magic. Such books typically include instructions on how to create magical objects like talismans and amulets.

And that, my compatriots, sums up the impressionistic declarations that will reflect what will reside in this here blag. It will have processes and the inner workings of personal on-going projects. These projects will span over things that interests me. Among them are costuming, video games development, educational/neurological technology, the Japanese language, philosophical musifications and the Universe. This blag is intentionally unfocused and experimental to the casual observer. But I promise there’s an underlying motif that will reveal itself under due stress and accumulation. I will see if the mulled over thoughts I put here will grow into something that will merit it’s own place in virtual space. 

I enjoy a fine glass of portmanteau, long associating links on W***pedia, and my favorite position is the juxtaposition.

Enjoy your stay.